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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can become a great addition to your property and provide even more living space without the reconstruction of the main house. Accessory dwelling units serve as granny flats, home offices, guest houses, and many other premises that are lacking in your primary residence. What is more, if constructed properly by experienced ADU builders, they can increase the property value greatly.

The benefits of hiring an ADU contractor for the construction of your dream ADU are countless. The whole process, from project management to the supply of materials, is regulated by the ADU builder, so you do not have to about searching for people of different expertise for each step of the ADU building. Having your new ADU constructed by professionals gives you even more possibilities for improving that empty space in your backyard.

For ADU builders, contact ADU MAXX and start designing your personal accessory dwelling unit, ADU, right now. With great experience in building ADU units of different types, our ADU builder team can create a perfect addition to your house for you and your family. No matter your budget, preferences, or property specifics, you can expect a high-quality accessory dwelling unit built by ADU MAXX.

ADU Builders Services

When it comes to accessory dwelling units, there are a lot of options to choose from. Although ADUs of all types are located on the same property as the main house, homeowners can create something custom by choosing the kind of ADU that would fulfill their needs, fit properly in the backyard, and match the main living unit.

ADU builders can create the following accessory dwelling units for you:

  • Attached ADUs;
  • Detached ADUs;
  • Junior ADUs;
  • ADU conversions.

Depending on the type of connection with the main house, your new ADU can be attached or detached. Those are great if you want to have a guest house or a granny flat where your aging parents would live. Your family can also have some additional rental income by providing affordable housing to the ones who would want to rent the unit.

Although junior ADUs have less space, they are still perfect solutions for granny flats and home offices. Once you build an ADU of such type, you would not only increase the property value but also get more use out of existing space.

A garage conversion is another popular type of ADU that our ADU builders can construct for you. Homeowners who have a garage that is out of use can easily turn it into an ADU project with the help of our company. Whether you decide to rent the renovated place or keep it for your own needs, it will greatly improve the look of your property and help you to use the space wisely.

ADU Building Benefits

If you are still contemplating whether you need help from a professional ADU builder company for your accessory dwelling unit or not, we are here to dispel any doubts. No matter if you are planning to do a garage conversion or want to build an ADU anew, the building is not the only part that needs to be considered. The amount of work for each ADU project varies, but in general, there are several main steps that must be followed.

Hiring ADU builders will help you not only with the construction itself but with other important ADU project parts as well:

  • Our team will develop and provide all the architectural plans before the construction begins, and you can make sure everything is included;
  • Our designers value your aesthetic preferences, so we give you an opportunity to do your own design project with our skilled professionals;
  • To make your ADU according to the local and federal law, our legal team will check each step of the process and help you to receive all the obligatory permits;
  • It is important for us to let you know all the details about the cost of the project in advance so that you can safely fit it into your budget.

When hiring an ADU builder, one can save money, as you would not have to retry several times on doing the same thing. Our employees with great expertise in their fields of work will make sure that everything is done with the best quality and in the most efficient way. Thus, you do not have to worry about paying more or redoing anything.

Contact ADU builders at ADU MAXX to get your accessory dwelling unit built by a team of professionals with years of experience. By hiring our specialists, you make sure that the whole process of ADU construction is taken care of and every little detail is taken into account. Get your ADU built in a one-stop-shop way, and forget about the tedious process of trying to find different specialists for each step of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does an ADU cost in California?

Although building an ADU in California is not as expensive as building a whole house, the price might vary depending on the type of ADU you want and the construction details. For instance, a garage conversion that does not require building an additional structure can cost less than a brand-new detached or attached ADU. Moreover, homeowners can choose the materials they want ADU builders to use for their projects, which also affects the final price.

Is an ADU a good investment?

Having an ADU on your property in California can become one of your best investments. Homeowners with an accessory dwelling unit in their backyard can turn it into an additional rental income source. What is more, a guest house or a personal office on your property will surely increase the market value of your housing, which can be extremely helpful if you ever decide to sell it.

How can ADU contractors help?

The ADU construction process can be quite overwhelming, especially for those who have no experience in the building industry. An ADU contractor will assist you throughout the whole process, from start to finish. It means that you get not only the construction services dealt with but also all the planning, designing, and receiving law permits. Getting help from ADU builders will save both your time and effort, and in the end, you will receive a fantastic result.

How do I benefit from ADUs?

Having an ADU on your property can be very beneficial, as it can basically be turned into anything you want. If you have guests coming over often, you can make a guest house out of your ADU. It can also be turned into a space for your personal work, for instance, an office, a studio, or a workshop. Another advantage is that ADU increases the value of your lot, and it can also bring you some extra money if you decide to rent the place.

What kind of ADU do I need?

When deciding on the type of ADU to build, think about your personal preferences and the specificities of your property. If you have an unused construction, like a garage, you can easily turn it into a converted ADU. For those who want to have some extra space at hand, an attached ADU might be the best decision. And if you want a place separate from your main housing but still located nearby, a detached ADU will work as well.

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