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Life circumstances may require additional square feet to the existing space for a variety of purposes. For example, the arrival of relatives for a stay, the transition to remote work, or the growing up of children. In this case, moving to a new house is not the most rational option since this process will entail large financial and emotional expenses. A much more affordable option is the construction of an accessory dwelling unit.

Attached ADU, or as it is also called, a granny flat is an extension to the house, which is located on the same territory and is legally considered part of the main object. The attached ADU has different characteristics and is capable of performing many functions. Also indisputable is the fact that, like all accessory dwelling units, attached ADU contributes to improving the quality of life, so many homeowners dream of it.

In this review, we will talk about the benefits and the main types of attached ADUS, the differences with detached ADUs, and the company you can contact if you are planning to build an accessory dwelling unit.

Attached ADU VS Detached ADU

In the classical sense, attached ADU means an extension to the main housing, which has a common side of contact with it, while detached ADU is built separately from the main building and is located a few meters away from it. Furthermore, the attached ADU has both separate entrances and common ones that allow you to enter the ADU without going outside. 

However, these are not all differences:

  • Firstly, the maximum size differs. For example, according to the local laws of some states, the total square of the attached ADU cannot exceed half the area of the principal dwelling unit. On par with this, detached ADUs are considered independent buildings, the space of which may be equal to or even exceed the area of the primary residence. 
  • The second aspect already plays in favor of the attached ADU since a smaller area entails smaller property taxes and construction costs.
  • Thirdly, in the case of detached ADU, parking difficulties may arise since if you are building a separate garage, then you need to organize parking for it, and this significantly increases the final cost. 
  • Finally, it may sound paradoxical, but an attached ADU can increase the property value much more than a detached ADU, although the area of the second one is larger. This is because not all buyers appreciate separate connections between rooms, and they prefer connected spaces more.

Overall, the choice of ADU type can vary widely depending on your goals. However, one thing is invariable, if you want to start building, then you will not find a better company than ADU MAXX. The firm specializes in constructing ADUs and carries out projects on a global level.

Attached ADU Benefits 

Regardless of whether you choose an attached or detached ADU, the decision to build it is an excellent investment that is guaranteed to pay off.

Here are some of the main benefits of attached accessory dwelling units:

  1. Increase property value. All homeowners should keep in mind the idea of a potential sale of the house, and this step can bring much more profit if an additional unit is attached to the main house. You are increasing the living space, and the larger the area, the higher the price.
  2. Optimal repair cost. The advantage of attached secondary dwelling units is that much less investment is required for their realization since they are built on an existing foundation and have a common wall with the main structure. As a result, the construction timeline is reduced, as well as the total costs.
  3. Convenience for the whole family. Sometimes there are situations that the primary residence area is not enough for everyone. For example, adult children may need different rooms, or there is a necessity to provide space for guests who have arrived for several weeks. However, the most common reason is housing family members among grandparents who need constant care, so sometimes attached ADU is called a granny flat.
  4. Getting rental income. If your attached accessory dwelling unit is idle in emptiness, then you can always rent it out. Of course, we are not talking about a big family, but this space is quite enough for a student or a young couple. People will have living space, and you will receive an additional rental income. At the same time, there will be no awkward situations since most attached ADUs have a separate entrance.
  5. For your hobby. Almost all homeowners note that every corner of the main house is filled with various things, so much so that there is practically no place left for hobbies. Fortunately, the construction of ADU solves this problem. For example, you can build a garage where you can place your collection of models or carve wood. This way, you do not take up space in the existing home.

As we can see, increasing property value is not the only reason for attached ADU construction, so everyone should think about this way of expanding the space of the existing home. If you want to enjoy the highest quality of constructed attached ADU, then you will need the services of a reputable builder which is the ADU MAXX company.

Attached ADU Main Types

There are many types of ADUs, and all depend on the preferences and wishes of the client. In addition, the remodeling industry is constantly evolving, and architects and designers are coming up with new creative solutions.

We distinguish the following categories of attached ADUs, which are most popular among homeowners: 

  • Interior ADU. This option is a transformation of one of the rooms of the primary dwelling unit for other purposes. For example, the basement can be converted into a gym, or the attic can be turned into an additional bedroom. The layout of such an ADU can be very diverse, as you can add its own entrance or install other provisions of room windows.
  • Garage conversion ADUs. The garage can be an ideal place for spending the weekend, doing hobbies, or lifting a barbell. However, the initial structures of the garage may not meet crucial needs; for example, there will be no entrance through the first floor of the house, which allows you to get into the space bypassing the street, especially if it rains. In such situations, an existing garage transformation is required, which can be implemented in a couple of months.
  • Junior ADUs. Such a project is characterized by the lowest cost since its area does not exceed the size of the kitchen or bath. This type of ADU is also located on the same lot as the main building and often represents the addition of a storage room or a separate laundry room.

Overall, regardless of whether you want to implement a simple garage conversion or your plans include the implementation of a larger project, ADU MAXX will perform ADU ordinance at the highest level. The company is distinguished by top-class maintenance service and is ready to realize the dreams of all homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What does the attached ADU mean?

Attached ADU means a separate housing unit, which is equipped with all the necessary living condition systems and structures, but has a common basement and connection with the primary home. The main feature is that the new construction of ADU is not characterized by high cost compared to building a house from scratch, so low-income families can afford this project.

What is an example of an attached ADU?

There are a lot of types of ADUs. However, the most popular is a backyard cottage for aging family members, garage conversion, guest house, and expansion of the space of primary residence for teenage children. The implementation of at least one of these projects will not only help make life more comfortable but also contribute to an increase in property value.

Does ADU attached unit count as square footage?

According to the law, the new ADU becomes part of the unified structure of the existing home; however, the square footage increases. This information can be found in the passport of the house. Do not also forget that when attached or detached ADU appears, property taxes also increase.

What are the disadvantages of an ADU?

No matter how you look at it, the new construction of ADU has no obvious drawbacks because even repair costs are relatively small. Additional dwelling units can take your standard of living to a new level and help you realize the dream of an ideal home. So if you think about updating your housing by building garage extensions or a basement, then it’s time to implement it together with the ADU MAXX team, which performs attached and detached ADU projects at the highest level.

Why do homeowners want to build an attached ADU?

Attached ADUs are more affordable housing options compared to detached ones. In addition, a granny flat contributes to an increase in property value, makes life more comfortable, allows you to receive additional income from renting, and these are only the main reasons why people tend to get attached to ADU.

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