Designing an ADU for Outdoor Living Spaces

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Outdoor living spaces have been in great demand among people throughout history. It is enough to look at the houses of the ancient Romans or at the Greek estates of the Middle Ages to make sure of this. Any activity, whether it’s playing with children, family dinner, sleeping, or reading outdoors, is significantly different even from the most ventilated and sunny, but enclosed spaces. 

Another advantage of outdoor living spaces is the wide range of designs and configurations. It can be a large wooden patio, a miniature balcony, or a relaxation area with a hammock and upholstered chairs. The choice of an outdoor ADU interior depends on the wishes and preferences of homeowners. 

In this review, we will talk about the factors that need to be taken into account when building an outdoor ADU and present several creative options for implementing such a project. 

Important Considerations for ADU Outdoor Living Spaces  

As with any other type of ADU, the creation of an additional outdoor living space should be approached with full responsibility. There are many nuances, each of which plays an important role, but first, you need to analyze the basics. We highlight six key aspects that you need to pay attention to at the initial stage of the construction of ADU for outdoor living spaces

  • Consider the climate in your area

The very first factor that should get into the field of your analysis is the comparability of the outdoor ADU project with the climate in your area. This is important from the point of view of the safety of the operation of the project. For example, if you know that hail may fall in your region during the off-season, then it is necessary to install retractable coating or if temperatures reach extreme values in your area in summer, it is crucial to create a shadow zone. In order not to lose the decision, it is better to consult with your general contractor.

  • Maximize your available space

The key task of any type of ADU is the most efficient use of living space and the case of outdoor living space is no exception. If you are the owner of a large plot and are not constrained in the number of affordable square feet, then you can choose any layout for ADU. If you are limited in space, then it is essential to use ingenuity, however, this is even better, because projects on a small plot are more functional. For example, you can install a compact kitchen, or folding swings, tables, and chairs, so that at the end of the season they can be completed to save space.


  • Choose durable and weather-resistant materials

All our household items, appliances, and furniture that are located on the premises are reliably protected by walls and roofs from any external influences. The same cannot be said about outdoor living spaces, because sudden rain or scorching sun can disrupt the structure of any building components. In this regard, we recommend choosing only reliable and wear-resistant materials. However, if you want to use something less durable, but beautiful options, then there is a way out, namely, you can cover the structure with protective substances, it can be a varnish for wood or a special sprayer for metals.

  • Incorporate a variety of lighting options

Lighting is one of the key factors in creating a warm family atmosphere. On par with this, in the case of ADU for outdoor living spaces, the choice is not limited to standard chandeliers, lampshades, or ceiling lights. You can hang garlands, install retro lanterns, set up an improvised electric bonfire, and much more. The choice of style for these lighting elements is also huge, from medieval Gothic to modern.

  • Create a cohesive aesthetic

Your outdoor living space cannot be banal and merge with the gray mass. This space is designed to be beautiful and aesthetic. However, how to achieve this effect? There are a lot of options from the choice of furniture of various styles and paints for the terrace to micro-elements, such as the choice of plants and garden accessories.

  • Incorporate landscaping and greenery

It is impossible to imagine a garden or a backyard without greenery, at least a minimum amount of it. Landscape designers offer a wide range of services from small pots with flowers to the installation of hedges and mazes on your site. There are also special plants with which you can create green walls, statues, and ecosystems outdoors.

Overall, if you will follow these tips, then you can create a technological and comfortable, and at the same time very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. With proper consideration of each step, all family members will be extremely satisfied with the final project. 

Creative Ideas for ADU Outdoor Living Space

Any designer or architect can easily tell you at least 20 possible layouts of an additional outdoor dwelling and this is the main advantage. ADU for outdoor living space is a customized project, all the components of which can be defined according to your desires and tastes. 

The following five non-trivial design solutions may become a guide for you in the implementation of your project: 

  • Pick indoor and outdoor plants to incorporate into your outdoor living space. This will not only add to the aesthetics of your space but can also provide shade and privacy.
  • A home theater with surround sound and high-quality pictures is the dream of every family member. You can create a super cozy space for joint movie watching, and to add to the atmosphere of the cinema, you can buy a small car for popcorn and berry slash.
  • Design a playful garden by incorporating elements such as a swing, a water feature, or a garden sculpture. This will add a whimsical touch to your outdoor living space.
  • A simple relaxation area is also a great option because there is nothing better after a tiring working day than relaxing in an easy chair, hammock, or on the couch, listening to music, or reading a book outdoors.
  • Fire up an outdoor kitchen by installing a grill or outdoor stove. This will allow you to cook and entertain guests outdoors while enjoying the beautiful weather.

On the whole, you can also combine some of these ideas if you think it’s a winning solution. You can also install sculptures, experiment with different types of furniture, buy a small waterfall in an open space, and much more. The final design of ADU for outdoor living space depends on the flight of your imagination.

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