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Top 3 ADU Types That Will Increase Your Property Value


Top 3 ADU Types That Will Increase Your Property Value

Many homeowners have been looking for a way to increase the value of the real estate for many years. They put plenty of physical effort into home repairs, pour a lot of finance into this business, and spend precious nerves, but do not suspect that Accessory Dwelling Units are the most practical and fastest way. ADUs are fully autonomous living spaces that are located on the same territory as the main house, they can perform many functions and meet all the needs of each family member.

On par with this, the process of building an ADU does not lead to large physical, monetary, or emotional losses. First of all, this is because certain types of ADU have a common foundation with the main building and do not have a huge area, which significantly speeds up the construction process.

When considering adding an ADU to your property, it is essential to identify which type of ADU will best suit your needs and goals. In this article, we will explore the top three ADU types that increase property value and their advantages.

ADU Main Categories 

There are a huge number of ADU options and this trend is explained by the fact that this type of construction can be implemented according to all the wishes and ideas of customers. If the main houses are built based on the templates, since developers cannot use an individual approach for large areas, then in the case of ADU, the situation is reversed. In most cases, the company tries to realize all the ideas of the client. 

In this regard, we highlight for you three large ADU groups that are most in-demand among homeowners across the country:

  • Detached ADU

A detached ADU is an alluring living option that offers numerous benefits to homeowners. It is a stand-alone structure located in the backyard that guarantees privacy and separation from the main house. Apart from the enhanced seclusion, detached ADUs also presents the possibility of additional income from renting out the space. Homebuyers favor this type of ADU because it offers a separate living space for relatives, guests, or renters while still preserving the privacy of the primary residence.

The versatility of detached ADUs is remarkable, as they can be tailored to match a variety of styles and sizes. From a small, cozy studio apartment to a spacious, full-sized home, the options are endless. Furthermore, homeowners can design the detached ADU to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the main house, improving the overall appeal and value of the property.

  • Attached ADU

An attached ADU is connected to the main home and shares a wall or several walls with the primary residence. This type of ADU offers several advantages, including easier access to utilities and services, and potentially lower construction costs than a detached ADU.

Attached ADU is also a widespread pick for homeowners who have the intention to create additional living space without sacrificing the overall footprint of their property. They can be designed to blend seamlessly with the main home, creating a cohesive and attractive look that adds value to the real estate.

  • Garage Conversion

Transforming a garage into a livable space is an innovative approach to boosting a property’s value. Homeowners with unused or underutilized garage spaces are drawn to this option as it allows them to create an entirely new living space without incurring significant construction costs. Additionally, garage conversions are already connected to utilities and services, making the transition seamless and straightforward. Homeowners can choose to attach or detach the converted garage, depending on their desired living arrangements. 

However, the most significant advantage of this type of ADU is the adaptation to the needs. In other words, you can use this space for any purpose. For example, you can equip it in the format of a home gym, a place for hobbies or crafts, or a professional workshop area if you are fond of repairing cars. Moreover, you can zone the space and make a separate corner for garden accessories or the installation of your models. On par with this, you can also try out unusual architectural solutions in the process of converting an old garage into a new and modern project.

Overall, each of these ADU categories is a great option to increase the value of your property. A decision in favor of any of the types can deliver your family’s living conditions to a new level, add functionality to the use of space and bring additional cash profit, whether it is passive income when renting out the room or several thousands of dollars when selling.

ADU and the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is constantly developing, however, some tendencies do not lose relevance regardless of the economic situation. One of these trends is the increased interest of customers in the presence of ADU in the offer, which significantly boosts the chances of successful completion of the negotiations. 

Here are three main reasons why ADU can simultaneously increase the value of the real estate and magnetize the attention of potential buyers:

  • Non-standard layout. If you take an average residential block, you can find that all the plots have a similar layout. However, if one of the households has an ADU, it will highlight it among others and, accordingly, give it uniqueness.
  • The perfect home. Any type of ADU, whether it is a guest house or a man cave, is a big step towards creating a dream space. Most buyers do not want to spend their emotional and physical forces on construction and prefer to buy a house with the finished ADU, even if the money offer has to be increased. 
  • Extra square feet. A large housing area is as much a cherished goal for buyers as the golden Fleece for the Argonauts. When the customer sees that the house is not limited to a standard area, but has an additional 1000-1500 square feet, it instantly upgrades his interest.

All in all, the construction of ADU is a win-win solution that will pay off with a hundred percent probability, bring you additional income, and speed up all formal processes in case of a potential sale.

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